God’s love is different

Last week the news media reported about a man who killed his two young daughters and then committed suicide because he couldn’t bear not being with the girls as he was separated from their mother. How sad. This man is supposed to have loved his daughters so much, but how could he destroy those he supposedly loved? You are supposed to cherish and protect those you love. Isn’t that how God treats us? That is the reason God’s love is different! We need to thank Him daily for His love. Thank you Jesus!

~ A word for your week ~ Psalm 127:3-5

Beloved, our text this week focuses on the blessing our children are to us. They are a heritage from God, a reward and they are to us what arrows are in the hand of a warrior. Do you have a child or children? If you do, then, you need to bless God for the reward He has given you! If you do not, then, let me remind you that you are someone’s child, you are the heritage and reward that God gave to your parents, and you need to bless God for your life! Either as a child or as a parent of one, we need to be grateful to God for what they are to us. Happy is the man (woman) who has his/her quiver full of them. He/she shall not be ashamed but speak with their enemies at the gate. You are truly blessed!

~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week, I prophesy that..

  • The Lord will order, guide and direct your steps as you go about your daily affairs
  • The favour of God will attend your every effort in life
  • Stress and struggle shall not know you, your life shall progressively get easier, better and more comfortable
  • God’s goodness and mercy shall follow you and overtake you
  • You are blessed and highly favoured!

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