The real hero

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has been hailed in the press in the UK and in other parts of the world as a hero because of the financial solution he negotiated to bail out the struggling British banks. Of course, I credit him for the initiative and ability to do what he had to do. But as you and I know, all man’s solutions are temporary and may not survive the next challenge. The real hero to me is the One who has given man an eternal solution. A solution that will stand the test of time regardless of the generation. His solution is not British, American, or specific to some other race or culture. The British solution is for Britain. The American solution is for the Americans. Each solution is tied to a people or a culture. The real hero’s solution is for one and all, it is for every people group and every culture. It is not limited by time, space or capacity and has been tried and tested and found to work! And who is the real hero? He needs no introduction really, but for completeness, He is Jesus the Christ! He is my true Hero and I hope He is yours too!

~ A word for your week ~ Matt 6:19-21

Continuing from last week, another question I’d like to ask is where is your heart? Where your heart is will be dependent on where your treasure is. You cannot be investing in the Divine economy and your heart be moved by the unpredictable swings of your natural economy. You cannot be rich towards God and not have His peace to guide you when things are tough, as they are now in the world. If your heart is palpitating because of the instability in the financial markets, then, you need to run to the Prince of peace for help! And surely, help is available because He is more than able to help you!


 ~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week, I prophesy that…

Ø  Your week shall be one of comfort, ease and peace

Ø  Your light shall shine brighter and brighter to the glory of God

Ø  God will open unto you His good treasure so that you will not lack any good thing

Ø  The favour of the Lord shall attend your life, day and night

Ø  God shall exceed your expectation of Him in every aspect of your life – job, career, family, business and ministry. 

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny