Church under fire

Continuing from last week, I would like to inform you, if you do not already know that the church is under fire from the enemy. I would like to highlight the persecutions that our brethren in Orissa, India, are suffering for their faith. Reports from that region shows Christians being beaten, some murdered, church buildings and Christian homes burnt, pastors and nuns being physically assaulted, beaten and raped, convents raided and burnt, Christians driven from their homes and taking refuge in the bushes and many other kinds of inhuman atrocities from religious fanatics, and all these are happening in the face of a democratically elected government that is doing nothing to alleviate the suffering of Christians. Orissa is just one example in India; there are other regions where Christians are being persecuted too. India is just one country, around the world the Body of Christ is under enemy fire! I am therefore not surprised at what you are going through. Be strong, victory is yours and ours in Christ! The gates of hell shall not prevail against us!!! For more on the Orissa incidents, please see the links below:

 ~ A word for your week ~ John 15:18-21

The troubles the church is facing is for the obvious reason, the world hates our God. The troubles that you have been through are not about you, it’s about your God. The enemy through the systems of the world is attacking God’s people because God chose us out from the world to be His own. But be encouraged, if you suffer or are reproached for Him, then, the Spirit of God and of glory is upon you (1 Peter 4:14)

 ~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week, I prophesy that…

Ø  Your week shall be one of overcoming every obstacle and opposition the enemy brings against you!

Ø  Your life shall be filled with kingdom exploits and kingdom victories!

Ø  The enemy shall not have the upper-hand in any aspect of your life!

Ø  As you take a stand for Christ, the entire power and might of heaven shall stand for you!

Ø  Your testimony shall be great!


Have a great week!




Pastor Sunny