Again, how could this happen?

Last Sunday, I wrote about the same caption about Baby P and the very sad story of Jael Mullings. The press has had a filled day this past week reporting on the aftermath of Baby P’s death. Investigation reports laid the blame on the failure of the council’s social services to heed the warnings of both the police and doctors. Again, I cannot stress enough that while we trust our public servants to be efficient and deliver effective public services, we must remember that these are man-made structures and systems that are very prone to failures. It is only in the kingdom of our God we are guaranteed a fail-proof system, a kingdom where everything works, nothing fails. Will you put your trust in Him and His kingdom? I pray you will!


~ A word for your week ~ Matt 11:28-30

Beloved, I would also like to continue with this text by saying that it encourages us to take His yoke upon us. But what is a yoke? A yoke is basically a wooden frame used to harness two animals together. It essentially connected the animals together. Jesus is saying that life would be easier and more comfortable if we were connected to Him. And that connection comes when we make Him our Lord and Saviour! I have made Him mine, what about you? If you are not connected or yoked with Jesus, labour and heavy laden is certain to come your way but when you are yoked with Him, you learn from Him the secrets of winning over the challenges of life, so that you are always at rest, His rest, which He promises to those that are yoked with Him. Would you make Him your Lord and Saviour today? Delay no more, He is waiting for you!


~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week, I prophesy that…

  • Your week shall be one of progress, prosperity, abundance and increase on every side!
  • As you are yoked with the Lord, He will lighten your load, give you rest and grant you more comfort in life!
  • As you are yoked with Him, no longer shall you pull the load of life alone; the Lord shall pull your load with you!
  • You shall no longer know defeat and failure in life!
  • You are blessed and highly favoured of the Lord!


Have a great week!





Pastor Sunny