Thanksgiving 2008, what a service?

Last Sunday was a special one for us; it was our Thanksgiving 2008 celebration service. My gratitude to everyone for all their efforts and contributions to what was a very good service. My appreciation too to all our friends and family members that came to support and rejoice with us. The service was indeed glorious! The presence of the Lord was all over us. The praise and worship was awesome and the ministry of the word was simply the best! People gave generously and we had a great time afterwards at the reception. In all, our great God glorified His name, we were ministered to, and blessed at that, and had fun in church! Boy, I can’t wait for Thanksgiving 2009! Bring it on!


~ A word for your week ~ Matt 6:25-34

Beloved, our text this week encourages us not to worry or become anxious, particularly in these times of economic depression, about our lives regarding what we shall eat, drink or wear. The text boasts that God decorates nature with all its beauty, using the birds of the air that can neither sow nor reap and how God looks after them. By worrying we do not help matters and do not help ourselves. The text again uses the flowers of the field as an example. Flowers do not worry about whether they will grow or not, yet they grow easily and every where possible. But what is the key to all this for us? Verse 33 says for us to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness! We are not to be like the gentiles whose focus is the pursuit of these things. We are to make God and His kingdom our focus so that God will bring to us what the gentiles are busy pursuing. And guess what? God knows that we have need of these things, so be rest assured God knows the times we are in and as His own, He will look after us! We are more valuable than the birds and flowers! God will provide for us! Do not be of little faith, trust Him, He is able, dependable and very faithful!


~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

·         Your week shall be one of peace, joy and walking in the graces and mercies of Almighty God!

·         The Lord shall provide for you and your own in every dimension of life!

·         What the gentiles are busy pursuing shall pursue you and overtake you!

·         As you have put your faith in Him, the Lord shall glorify His name in your life and you will never be put to shame!

·         You are blessed and highly favoured!


Have a great week!




Pastor Sunny