Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! In just four days, we shall be in 2009! Happy New Year! So, how was your 2008? Did you set some goals you wanted to accomplish? Did you have any specific project you intended to complete in 2008? How did it go? Good or not so good? Regardless, of what your experience was, do not despair, especially if you have unaccomplished goals and uncompleted projects, God is graciously giving you more time to accomplish those goals and projects. Praise God for the New Year and happy New Year!


~ A word for your week ~ Eccl 9:11

Beloved, from our text, the race of life is not necessarily won because of one’s speed, strength, wisdom or understanding. Rather, we win because God gives us time for the race and creates opportunities for us during the race. 2009 is a new season in time in which I believe God will create for us opportunities that could be defining moments.  The point is God is giving us 2009, a new season, in time, for us to pursue the dreams and visions He has put inside of us. Destiny is in fulfilling God’s purpose and assignment for our lives and we need time to do so. That is why I praise God for the New Year, believing God that He will create for us those defining opportunities we need to fulfil His assignments. That is how I see 2009, but how do you see it? Is it another year to pursue your personal agendas? However you presently see 2009, I’d like to encourage you to approach it with God’s plan and purpose for your life foremost in your mind. God gives us time not necessarily for us to do what we like, but to do what He desires of us and when there is willingness to do so, He creates the opportunities that we need. That is why I say happy 2009 and hope you will recognise your God inspired moments or opportunities when they happen for you! I pray that 2009 will be a defining year for you! Happy New Year!!!


~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

·         Your week shall be one of joy, rejoicing and walking in the peace and comfort of the Holy Spirit!

·         In this season of change, may God bring you into a new season of pursuing His plans and purposes for your life!

·         God will grant you great testimonies to evidence your change!

·         As a new year starts this week, God shall grant you newness in every dimension of your life!

·         Your new year, 2009, shall be far greater that your old year!

·         You are blessed and anointed for success and significance!


Have a great ‘New Year’ week!




Pastor Sunny