2009 – Our Year of Uncommon Increase

Beloved, the Lord gave us a prophetic word for 2009, as our year of Uncommon Increase. Now this is an unusual word because of the year we are in. This is the ninth year of the 21st century. Nine is so special because among other dimensions of its symbolism, it is the number of fruitfulness, meaning increase! How do we know that? There are nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, nine dimensions of the fruit of the Holy Spirit and it takes nine months of pregnancy and then comes delivery or fruitfulness or increase! See what God has in store for us? A year of Uncommon Increase! Praise the Lord! A podcast of the message is in the Resources section of our website, I ‘d encourage you to listen to it at your earliest convenience, see the link below:



~ A word for your week ~ Pro 29:18

Beloved, it’s a new year and so a new season in all our lives. However, the question I’d like to ask is, how are you approaching or starting your new season? Our text  today says “Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint; but happy is he who   keeps the law” So true is this text that I cannot but ask if you have a vision, dream or goal for 2009? If you don’t, then, there is a risk that you will live your life carelessly, not really appreciating the fact that God has given you another year to maximise the potentials He has placed inside of you. You may call it New Year resolutions, but please have some goals or things that you believe God to achieve this year. It could be in any area or every area of your life. Life is a succession of journeys with goals, targets, visions and dreams to achieve. So, as you start your New Year, have some goals that you trust God for and guess what, our ever so faithful God will not let you down!


~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

·         God will give you a great start to the week, month and year!

·         The Lord shall guard and direct your steps now and for the rest of the year!

·         No weapon of man or the enemy formed against you shall prosper or succeed against you!

·         As you receive the prophetic word, may God flood your life with uncommon increase in every dimension

·         This year shall be your best yet!

·         This year, you shall be blessed and distinguished among many!


Have a great week!




Pastor Sunny                                                                                                         


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