Miracles still happen!

Beloved, the world was astounded last week when all 155 people on board a US Airways A320 passenger plane that crashed into New York’s Hudson River escaped with no loss of life. Save for some minor scratches and injuries, both passengers and crew were unscathed. What a miracle! Even Metro newspaper reported the story in its front page as a ‘Miracle on the Hudson River’. So, the world acknowledges that miracles still happen, but how do they happen? I’d like to answer by saying that there’s a miracle working God behind the scenes. And He is the God that we serve! Join me in thanking Him for protecting these 155 souls and for sparing New York and indeed the United States more grief and sorrow. Jehovah is the miracle working God; praise Him for wonder working power!!!


~ A word for your week ~ John 2:1-11

Beloved, our text this week reminds us of the miracle the Lord did at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. In verse 11, the Contemporary English Version says that this was Jesus’ first miracle…And He showed His glory and His disciples put their faith in Him. There are three lessons I would like to share with you, from this text –

(1) God does miracles to meet a need – they had run out of wine in the wedding feast, so, an unbudgeted need arose, which Jesus duly met. Is there a need in your life, God is able to meet all your needs

(2) God does miracles to reveal His glory – His glory in this context is what He is able to do and He can do all things! Nothing is too difficult for the Lord and

(3) for people to have faith in Him. Do not despair, God is able to do the so called impossible. When God does what we have always known as impossible, we cannot but put our trust and faith in Him.

So, as we see this miracle that God did on the Hudson River, let us therefore hold fast to our faith in Him. He is a faithful God and will always answer with a miracle. Are you waiting on Him for any thing? Do not lose faith; your miracle is on the way!


~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

·         Your week shall be a week of great grace, peace and joy!

·         The Lord will meet every need in your life with a miracle!

·         The glory of Lord shall not be lacking in your life!

·         Your faith will be strengthened and increase as God answers you with His special miracles

·         Your testimony shall be a miracle to those who hear what God has done in your life!

·         You are blessed and anointed for kingdom exploits!


Have a great week!




Pastor Sunny                                                                                                         

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