Hell is real

The world is still in shock following the bushfires in Australia last week. The media reports that more than 100 people were confirmed dead in the worst bushfires in Australia’s history. Many of the deceased died as entire towns in the south-eastern state of Victoria were wiped out by towering walls of flames, described as ‘hell on earth’. Many of the victims were burned to death in their cars as they tried to flee what were described as ‘fireballs the height of four-storey buildings’. The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, said: ‘Hell and its fury have visited the good people of Victoria.’ I join the Australian people and indeed the rest of the world in mourning the loss of many innocent lives and pray that our God would bring healing and comfort to those affected by this disaster. However, as we regret the devastation in Australia, a  reality should dawn on everyone that hell is real. These bushfires have been described as ‘hell on earth’, imagine what hell after earth would be like? Thank God, He has given us the priviledge to make heaven! You do not want to miss heaven!

~ A word for your week ~ Matt 25:31-46

Beloved, our text this week tells of when the Son of Man comes in His glory with all His holy angels, sits on His throne of glory and begins to judge all nations. Reading the entire text, you will find that everyone will be either a sheep or a goat, and the criteria for this is listed in the text. The sheep will make the everlasting kingdom prepared for them from the foundation of the world. The goats, on the otherhand, according to verse 41 “Then He will also say to those on the left hand, ‘Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels…” My focus is in this verse, 41. It says clearly that hell was prepared for the devil and his angels but sadly and regrettably, human beings – the goats, are being sent to populate it. Why would anyone want to take the place of the devil and his angels? Or why would anyone want to be in the same place with the devil, a place clearly prepared for the devil and his angels? I believe hell was never meant for man, heaven was meant for man and hell for the devil and his cohorts. As you read this post, my question to you is would you be taking your seat in heaven or taking a seat in the place prepared for the devil and his angels? I made my choice several years ago, I have taken my seat in the eternal kingdom of Almighty God. I am not a fool, I will not take any seat in a place not prepared for me, let the devil and his angels occupy every seat in hell. My friend, I hope you too will choose a seat in heaven! Heaven is the place to go not hell. Like I said before, you do not want to miss heaven!

~ Prophetic blast ~

As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that …

  • Your week shall be pain-free, stress-free and trouble-free!
  • As a new week, this week shall bring you new strength, vigour, energy, zeal and stamina for your journey!
  • You shall not take the seat that God did not ordain for your life and no man shall take the seat that God has ordained for you!
  • You shall occupy your seat on earth and in heaven!
  • You are blessed, highly favoured and marked for a glorious eternity with Jehovah!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny

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