3 Days of Prophetic Deliverance: 27th – 29th March 2009

What is it and why are we doing it? Prophetic deliverance is freedom, rescue, release, relief or escape from a given situation,  circumstance, challenge or problem as a result of what has been fortold by the word of God. It is prophetic because it is based solely on the Holy Scriptures and the focus is to bring freedom to those who for one reason or the another are bound in all sorts and descriptions of problems and challenges ranging from generational curses and decrees, sicknesses and diseases, financial hardships through ungodly covenants and agreements to demonic controls, manipulations and oppressions. We believe God to honour His word and glorify His name as the God of miracles. We believe God for spectacular miracles, signs and worders for one and all that will attend this prophetic event. You do not want to miss this prophetic experience! Hope to see you there! More on the event via the link below:


A word for your week ~ Psalm 107:20
Beloved, our text this week says “He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions”. God’s word is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword piercing even to the division of the soul and the spirit (Heb 4:12) It is this word that God is sending us through these three sessions of our Prophetic Deliverance weekend. According to our text, the word is sent by Jehovah for two main reasons – 
1) To bring healing – healing is not just limited to sicknesses. There are other kinds of healings like emotional healing, that is why David in Psalm 23 verse 3 says “He restores my soul”. David, believe it or not, had experienced some emotional healing! Over the course of this event, we believe that the word of God will bring all kinds of healings for all kinds of situations and circumstances.
2) To bring deliverance from destruction – John 10:10 says “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”. It is this wicked and evil intention of Satan the devil in people’s lives that God wants to deliver them from. Prophetic Deliverance is a Divine appointment where God will bring His deliverance to pass in the lives of those struggling with all sorts of Satanic controls, manipulations and oppressions. This could be in their relationships, finances, jobs or careers, businesses, etc. Whatever it is and wherever it is, God wants to make you free! So, come and be free!
Beloved, we are looking forward to an exciting and liberating time in the presence of the Lord. If you can, please join us for this life transforming event. For more information, use the link above. God has an appoinment of healing and deliverance for you, you do not want to miss it! See you there!

Prophetic Blast
As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that …

  • Your week shall be one of walking in the mercies and graces of Almighty God! God Himself shall guide you!
  • You shall experience an unbroken and uninterrupted supply of God’s favour in all that you do!
  • By the strength of God, you shall prevail over your adversary!
  • As you step out in faith to fulfill God’s plan and purposes for your life, nothing shall be impossible to you! Success is all that you will know!
  • The Hand of the Lord shall distinguish you among many!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny

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