Whatever happened to integrity?

Last week the Prime Minister finally apologised for emails smearing opponents in the Conservative party saying that he took “full responsibility” for the very embarrassing situation he and the Labour party found themselves in. But what exactly happened? The Prime Minister’s former adviser, Damian McBride, had written several emails to close colleagues suggesting fabricated stories about certain members of the Conservative party including David Cameron, who Mr McBride had suggested was suffering from an embarrassing illness and MP Nadine Dorries, falsely accused of a one-night stand. All this from the very heart of government! A smear or dirty tricks campaign to discredit the opposition. Lying about the opposition and lying to the public that it is supposed to be serving. Whatever happened to integrity? Whatever happened to integrity? I thought as public servants the expectation was to serve with honesty and integrity to the best of their abilities? Surely, something has gone wrong somewhere. Boy, we need a return to free and fair politics based on good old values like integrity, honesty and truthfulness. And a quick return I should add!

A word for your week ~ Matt 6:33
Beloved, our text this week says “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” While the governments and politics of the world maybe ingrained in dirty tricks and smear campaigns of all sorts, the kingdom of God is founded on integrity and righteousness. God’s kingdom under His sovereign rule demands honesty, truthfulness and simply put integrity. Seek first the kingdom of God and His rightoeousness our text teaches us. The kingdom of God cannot be separated from God’s righteousness, they go hand-in-hand. The fact that one is in the kingdom means that they have and are walking in the righteousness of Almighty God. This God kind of righteousness lives and demonstrates integrity that is so lacking in the world today. The governments and politics of the world would benefit by looking at how God operates His kingdom as I am sure they will learn a thing or two from Him. In truth, the Bible also teaches, in Proverbs 14:34, that “Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.” It cannot be any clearer than that, can it? Rigtheousness or honesty or truthfulness or integrity will exalt a nation, like ours, but sin, in the form of dirty tricks and smear campaigns, is a reproach, something disgraceful and shameful. Isn’t that why the Prime Minister have had to apologise? But I thank God that He has high standards and values for us and we will never be put to shame or reproach. I do pray that leaders in politics and governments around the world will look to God to develop rightousness and integrity in their nations.

Prophtic Blast
As you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

  • Your week shall be led, guided and directed by Holy Spirit!
  • You shall have a faith-filled week of kingdom exploits!
  • As you submit to the authority of the kingdon of God, righteousness and integrity shall be the order of your life!
  • Your integrity shall be your defence and open doors for you!
  • Blessed and higly favoured shall your days be on the earth!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny