From bad to worse

Following my post last week on the MPs expenses claims saga, I thought with one or two more headlines and like most stories we’ve heard in the past, it will blow over and all will be well again. But events that have unfolded have turned my prediction on its head as things seem to have progressed from bad to worse. More damaging allegations and revelations have filled every news channel, electronic and print, last week. We have seen a Minister stepping down, resignations of prominent parliamentary office holders, refunds in excess of one hundred thousand pounds and a cross party group of MPs calling for the resignation of the Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin. msn UK reports that Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats has added his voice to the group saying that Mr Martin had dragged his feet in reforming the system. “He has proved himself over some time now to be a dogged defender of the way things are, the status quo, when what we need, very urgently, is someone at the heart of Westminster who will lead a wholesale radical process of reform,” said Mr Clegg, in a highly unusual intervention for a party leader. He added: “Convention is that political leaders, party leaders, do not talk about the Speaker. My view is that it is exactly that culture of unwritten conventions, unspoken rules and nods and winks that has got us into that trouble in the first place. I have arrived at the conclusion that the Speaker must go.” It really has gone from bad to worse! However, I do agree with Mr Clegg that a wholesale radical process of reform is needed so that we do not have a repeat of this mess sometime in the future. The question is who will lead this radical reform? The public has certainly lost confidence in our MPs and cannot trust them to sort out this mess, so who will? That is the reason I pray again for God to send us someone who will lead the way in this radical reform process, letting integrity rule again and restoring public confidence in our law makers! Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

A word for your week ~ Proverbs 29:2
Beloved, our text this week says “When the [uncompromisingly] righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked man rules, the people groan and sigh” (Amp Bible) Our text is so simple yet so powerful in the context of the unfolding saga we are all witnessing. Uncompromising is the key to integrity. When people who will not compromise their integrity, positions or offiices are in authority, the Bible says that the people rejoice. People are happy with their leaders becuase they know that their leaders have the public interest at heart and will not exploit their offices for personal gain and aggrandisement. We desperately need this calibre of people in some quarters in politics and government. I know that there are many honest and hardworking MPs and other leaders in politics and government but in the light of recent events, one cannot but be sceptical and question why many are in politics and government. Leadership is about the people, the followership. The greatest desire of any public leader or body of public leaders is for the people they lead or have authority over to be happy or rejoice as the Bible puts it. The people make the leaders and the people can also break the leaders because without the people or followership there is no leader or leadership. Uncompromising leaders will not and do not take their followers or people for granted and will do their best to represent the people’s interest. I want to believe that in the days ahead that our public leaders in every sphere will fulfill Proverbs 29:2, that the people will rejoice and be glad that they are in authority. It will take integrity though and I pray and hope that those who come forward to lead us will have it in abundance!

Prophetic Blast
Beloved, as you begin a new week today, I prophesy that…

  • Your week shall be one of walking in the peace of God and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit!
  • Your life shall bring pleasure to God as you let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you!
  • People shall be glad and rejoice at the mention of you!
  • You shall always be known for good and not evil!
  • Your life shall attract the favour of God and man!
  • You are blessed and highly favoured!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny

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