Air France 447

Early last week, the world woke up to the news that Air France 447 flight flying from Rio de Janeiro to Paris had disappeared from radar somewhere over the Atlantic sea. Worst fears were confirmed a little later when it became clear that the Air France Airbus A330 had crashed into the Atlantic. A total of 228 people were on board the flight, including 12 crew, a baby and seven children. The passenger list of 216 people included 61 French, 58 Brazilians and 26 Germans, among the 32 nationalities. The crew were all French. Sadly, there are no survivors. It is only now that parts of the crashed plane are being recovered. 16 bodies have been hauled from the Atlantic so far. What caused the Airbus A330 to crash with 228 people on board remains a mystery and the plane’s black box data and voice recorders that would normally hold the key to knowing what went wrong have not yet been found. The loss of lives is tragic and very sad. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the deceased. My thoughts and prayers are with them at this time. Romans 12:15 says “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep” As the Scriptures rightly puts it, I weep with those mourning the loss of their loved ones and every God fearing person in the world should be.


Pastor Sunny