Not another one

I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything comparable to the revelation that greeted us when Josef Fritzl was exposed, but I have been proved wrong. Last week, Jaycee Lee Dugard, who went missing 18 years ago was found alive and well but what were her whereabouts these 18 years she’s been missing? Jaycee, a young innocent girl was abducted at the age of 11 and was held as a sex slave for 18 years. She was forced to have two children with her alleged child sex offender abductor, Phillip Garrido. Her daughters, now aged 11 and 15, have never been to school or seen a doctor. Like Josef Fritzl, Phillip Garido is a clear global reminder of the danger that the innocent face as a result of the forces of evil at work in the earth. Man was not supposed to have dominion over man. There is no justification of any kind for enslaving another human being. How Jaycee coped for these 18 years only God knows. And raising two children, denied of the opportunity of education, social interaction which is vital to any child’s learning process and access to a doctor, would have been a great responsibility for her as well. This was complete dominion! Again, I cannot find any rationale for evil  that some perpetuate against others. As I write this post, I wonder how many more young women are at someone else’s mercy. The thought makes me shudder. I pray that not again shall we hear of evil reports like this. May our good God and Saviour help us and have mercy on us! Amen!!!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny

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