Under-age pregnacies

Last week the Metro paper reported that the pregnancy rate among under-age girls  jumped by more than 6.4 percent in a year. There were 8.3 conceptions for every 1000 under 16s in 2007 – up from 7.8 the year before, according to the report. The rate among girls under 18 also rose – the first in six years. These figures amongst many others ensures that Britain continues to maintain the top spot as the country with the highest teenage pragnancy rate in the whole of Western Europe. This follows on nicely to my post last week. We have become such a highly sexualized society, almost out of control, and this is seriously affecting the upcoming generation. How can we ever explain these figures? What excuses do we have? Something drastic has to happen. We need some intervention that will help turn this negative and shameful tide. I know a Man who can do just that, His name is Jesus Christ! But will our society let Him?

~ A word for your week ~ Pro 22:6

Beloved, our text this weeks says to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it”. I believe Britain will do well to heed this Bible verse. We need to train our children in the way they should go. As a nation, which way do we want the next generation to go morally? It is our responsibility as the Scriptures, rightly says, to train them. Can I suggest that the increase in sexual activities amongst our young people may be the result of our failure to train them appropriately? When I say train, I mean train them in abstinence, purity and to look to having their own families much like they have come from one. We have a guarantee from the Scriptures that when we do so, when they are grown they will not depart or choose other ways contrary to what they have been trained in. This way, they pass these godly values to their own children by training them in the way they have been trained. The result of which will be a society that is morally rich and far removed from today’s trend. It is sad and shameful that we have a generation of young people who are stacking up the statistics for all the wrong reasons. When will we ever see reports that will be postive and present our young people in the good moral light? It is possible, it can happen, we must be prepared to train them that way. I am prepared to train mine, what about you? We need to do something, shall we start from where we are? From our homes? As they say, charity begins at home.

~ Prophetic blast~

As you begin a new week and a new month today, I prophesy that …

  • The Lord shall shine His upon you this week and this month!
  • You shall experience newness in every area of your life!
  • In this month, you will have a defining moment with God that will set you up for God’s best for your life!
  • The goodness, favour and mercy of Jehovah shall pursue you and overtake you!
  • Blessed and seriously favoured shall you always be!

Have a great week and a great start to the new month!


Pastor Sunny

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