KGC Anniversary 2009 Celebrations

Last Sunday, 19th July, we celebrated the birthday of our church family. Don’t ask me how old we are now, you should have been there! We themed the event “Celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness” and truly as a church family we have experienced the goodness and faithfulness of our gracious God. A work that began with 2 men, one woman and two infants, we can testify today of so much that the Lord has done since planting this work and since our celebration last year.

Pastor Tony Peters, Senior Pastor, The King’s House, was our guest speaker for the day and boy, we were blessed by the word the Lord gave him to minister to us. Speaking on the topic “Maintaining an attitude of gratitude in the midst of life’s circumstances”, Pastor Tony encouraged the audience that had gathered – members of KGC, friends and family, to be grateful in all things and that God had a way of working with such positive emotions to turn things around quickly for our good. He used the example of Israel in the wilderness in Deuteronomy 8 and other key examples in the Bible to explain that at the end of every challenge or circumstance, God would always bless His people and make every circumstance and challenge they went through work out for their good. Prior to the preaching we had anointed praise and worship by KGC’s choir and some awesome ministration by the Psalmist, Minister Nikki Feriki.

After the service, we had a great reception and as the Lord provided, we had plenty to eat and drink! In all, it was remarkable celebration to testify of the goodness and faithfulness of God to us at KGC. Surely, if it had not been for the Lord on our side…. I cannot dare to imagine what would have been our experience. Finally, a million thanks our friends, family and all that attended this programme, you made our day, thank you for celebrating and rejoicing with us.


Pastor Sunny

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