All Change!

Last week was a momentous one that the world through the many history books will remember for long. Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 driver, became the youngest and first Black man to win the world championship. Barrack Obama became the first Black President of the United States of America! These are events that have global implications and more so because what was previously thought to be impossible by man is happening before our own eyes. This tells me that no situation or condition is permanent, it may take some time but one day, it will change! I salute Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama for making history and reminding us all that every situation is subject to change!

~ A word for your week ~ 2 Cor 4:17-18
Beloved, let me begin by saying that anything and everything that you can see in the natural is subject to change. The events of last week are a proof that no one can dispute. So, the condition or situation that you maybe in, that seem to have no end, will change for the better. I do not know when, but what I do know, according to our text, is that it is temporary! Any thing that is temporary is not permanent, so, that condition or situation is not permanent; it is subject to change and will change. How do I know so? Because only our God, who is eternal, does not change! (Mal 3:6; Heb 13:8) We all change and so do our situations and circumstances. So, expect a change in your circumstance as you keep your eyes on our God, who does not change but can change all things!

~ Prophetic blast ~
As you begin a new week, I prophesy that…

  • Your week shall be one of joy, peace, comfort and walking in God’s graces and mercies!
  • No longer shall you wrestle with that situation. I declare a change of that condition for the better!
  • As your situations and conditions change so shall your story change!
  • The troubles and the problems that you see today, you shall not see tomorrow!
  • Because of Him that is in you, you shall overcome!
  • Your testimony shall be mighty in the land of the living!

Have a great week!


Pastor Sunny

One thought on “All Change!

  1. Waoooooo! Just read through all your blogs! God bless you! I’ll certainly feed on it weekly. I hope I can access your weekly service from your website as well as I’d love to be rejuvinated by how God used you in delivering your sermons the way I used to be when I was in London. I still listen to a lot of the DWDC tapes from years gone by and use quite a lot of their material in my cellgroup here in Guernsey. We listen to the tapes and have a discussion from it.We’ve recently been blessed by one of the tapes you did. Remember when you stood in for one of the Pastors who hadn’t turned up? God bless you.

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